Are you our sort of SME?

When you read SME, you thought Small Medium Enterprise, right?
You probably thought “that’s me, I’ll read on”.
Don’t worry, you’re not alone, but on this occasion you are, at least partially, wrong.

Don’t misunderstand, we love the spirit of ambition and we love the fact that it’s the SMEs that are helping to drag us from the recession, but we are all about experts – Subject Matter Experts.

Now you may well be both, so keep reading…

When faced with a business issue, are you the ‘go to’ person for your customers, colleagues and friends? Well – whether you realise it or not you are an expert, a Subject Matter Expert.

A Subject Matter Expert lies at the heart of every modern learning project. The SME is the technical expert; the team member with in-depth knowledge who enthuses others and provides the information that they need, making sure that the information is anchored to the facts. SMEs are the specialists who transform run-of-the-mill learning into meaningful knowledge acquisition.

“I have a lot of subject expertise but I don’t know where to start as an SME…”

Come and work with us

We are looking for bright, engaging SMEs to work with us, to help us deliver our high quality Skills Network events and in time to assist in the development of some engaging e-learning content to support the programme.

We are transforming the world of business skills learning for micro and small businesses, taking traditional courses and refining them into dynamic, meaningful, short programmes that will inspire our users and enable them to walk away with the skills and knowledge that they need in the timeframe that they can manage.

It’s not a one-way street!

We will help you demonstrate your skills to the wider world, offering you a platform from which to share what you know and connect with potential new customers. We hope that you will want to present at our events and have your biography featured on our site and but even if that is not for you we’ll also publish blog and newsletter contributions and ask you to join in our ‘Tip of the Week’ section.

Want to show us what you can do?

We’d love to hear from you, so call us or Email us below today

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